Friday, September 20, 2013

"T.A.G. You're It" Peer Assessment

Another way to encourage students to be accountable in H&PE through peer assessment.

Junior and Intermediate Lawfield students found a partner to work with at the start of class.  We introduced a variety of activities that promoted small group (pairs) work.  We also introduced some Physical Literacy Charts from Thompson publishing and discussed how to give feedback when viewing their partner performing the Perfect Practise: Learn to play charts

T.A.G. You're It Peer Assessment Anchor Chart
***Found this amazing idea on Pinterest and can be found at "Classroom Freebies Too"

I adapted the wording to work in Health and Physical Education!  Fun way to get them thinking!!!

F56 Peer Evaluations

T.A.G. EXIT CARDS: Students will eventually fill out an Exit Card: Self Evaluation (see below for BLM).
T.A.G. You're It:  Self Evaluation

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Merritt Bucks! Celebrating Living Skills and Character Ed. in Phys-Ed

Students in Ms. Merritt's Phys-Ed classes are earning Merritt Bucks for demonstrating the character trait of the month, promoting positive Living Skills (see below), and/or demonstrating positive learning connected to the daily learning goal.

I will update each month, the character trait and Living Skill we are focusing on!

(Purchased "Sport Money"from TPT from Michelle McElhinny then made my own back that says "Merritt Buck $1)
September Character Trait:  Responsibility

Living Sills in Health and Physical Education: 

Personal Skills:  Some daily learning goals are...
  • We are learning to listen to and follow instructions (classroom routines).  
  • We are learning to participate actively.
  • We are learning to monitor how hard we are working.
  • We are learning to change into proper gym attire (Gr. 5-8).
Interpersonal Skills:
  • We are learning to work cooperatively in small groups.
  • We are learning to encourage others in a positive way.
Critical-Creative Thinking Skills:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yoga Tag - Angry Birds (YOGA) Tag

We have taught our students two different sets of  'standing' yoga poses using the Thompson Publishing Chart "Yoga 1: Begin to Explore" Physical Literacy Cards.  We have then adapted a variety of games where students have to freeze in a choice of yoga poses.

Yoga Tag.  Select 3-4 "its".  If tagged by an it, students selected 1 of 4 yoga poses below, and froze in this position.  They are freed by 1 student mirroring their pose for a "3, 2, 1 done" count and both re-entered the game.

Angry Birds  (YOGA) Tag:  

  • Cut up pool noodles in to discs (or use another soft object) and hand TWO out to each student (see picture below).  I called the noodles "rocks" as Angry Birds 'crash' into rocks. 
  • Select 4 Yoga Poses (above) and attach one coloured noodle to each (I used pink, yellow, purple, green noodles).  
  • Select 3-4 "Angry Birds" to be the "its".  
  • If tagged by an angry bird, students explode ONE "rock" (coloured noodle) into the air.  They still have one "life left".
  • If tagged by an Angry Bird a second time,  the tagged person freezes in designated Yoga Pose (according to the colour they exploded into the air).  
  • They can be freed by non-its  picking up an exploded 'rocks' .
  • (Could call non-its the "green piggies")

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome! You've Got Merritt!

Welcome to Health & Physical Education at Lawfield!  Looking forward to a great year of learning, growing, and inspiring one another to become health and physically literate!

Click here for Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

Ontario Health & Physical Education Curriculum 

For those looking for a black lined master of this, download WELCOME! and T.E.A.M.!