Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Invasion Games-Intermediate: Two Stars and a Wish

"Two Stars and a Wish" or "Two Hoops and a Swish"

Grade 7 & 8: I made a list of strategies we were working on during our indoor Invasion Territory Unit. These are from the H&PE Ontario Curriculum.

I modelled the 3-4 strategies (see pictures above), specific to the grade being taught and had students evaluate me using thumbs up, side, or down when I performed each strategy.  I  demonstrated the strategies so students could 'evaluate' my strengths (stars or 'hoops') and where my areas for improvement were (wish or 'swish').  They then came up with an overall decision on what my 'wish' should be.

Now at the end of the Invasion Unit, students are deciding what their strengths are in terms of strategies and selecting at least one area they would like to improve (i.e., 'wish or swish') according to their own assessment of themselves.  For example, this unit we have provided students a wide variety of activities to practise and apply taught skills and strategies.  Some activities include scooter hockey, ultimate chicken, scoop ball, soccer, basketball, hoopster, floorball, etc.  

Next Steps:  Students will complete an exit card and critically think about their own strengths and 'wish' at the end of this unit.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Health: "iTune Out Drugs"

Pintrest inspired Bulletin Board....Grade 6, 7, 8 Health Ideas for Substance Use, Addictions and Other Related Behaviours


Grade 6:

C1.1 describe the range of effects associated with using cannabis and other illicit drugs (e.g. crack, cocaine, Ecstasy, crystal methamphetamine) and intoxicating substances (eg..,g gas, glue, prescription medications)
C1.2 identify people and community resources (e.g., elders, family members, community agencies, churches, mosques, synagogues, public health units, telephone help lines, recreation facilities

"You have been hired to design a Drug Awareness Brochure, “iTune Out Drugs”, to educate other kids about the dangers of using Drugs and other Substances – specifically cannabis (grade 6)!"

Grade 7:
C1.Understanding Health Concepts: C1.2 Mental Health, substances, supports
C2. Making Healthy Choices: C2.3 Body Image, substances use
C3. Making Connections for Healthy Living: C3.2 Implication of substances use and addictions

Grade 7/8 Scenario:
"A group of friends are texting to one another about  getting together next weekend and it is ‘known’ that there might be drugs  at the get-to-gether.
You have been texting your friends all weekend and the group is trying to decide what to do.  Some of your friends are pressuring you to come out next weekend to hang, maybe watch a movie.  Your parents don’t really know a couple of friends who are new to the group and you’ve heard..."

Write out what your texting conversation might look like.
_______________Texter 1:  Makes a Bad decision
_______________Texter 2: Makes a Good decision
_______________Texter 3: Pressures Group to do drugs
_______________Texter 4: Knows/texts who to go to for help and support
_______________Texter 5: Undecided: To do drugs or not
_______________Texter 6: Aware of body image as being poor or good (choice)

Grade 8:
C1.Understanding Health Concepts:  C1.3 Warning Signs, consequences
C2. Making Healthy Choices: C2.3 Mental Health, stress management

Write out what your texting conversation might look like.
____________________Texter 1:  Stressed Out…
____________________Texter 2: Pressure into doing something  one or more people don’t want to do
____________________Texter 3: Undecided
____________________Texter 4: Absolutely not want to get involved in Substance use
____________________Texter 5: Visible mental Health situation
____________________Texter 6: Encourages support from someone/some place

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pyramid-Bean Bag Self Evaluation

Using the Grade 1 Ophea Unit,  "Moving Objects in Space", students were finding ways to successfully catch their bean bags.  We worked through different individual throw and catch challenges and reviewed how to successfully receive their equipment".  Student were told they were to self-assess their safe and active participation using the pyramid chart and their own bean bag.  We reviewed how to be safe when moving with their own object and we talked about how to persist when a challenge gets tough.  The most important aspect is to allow student to find their own success.  That might mean they don't throw their bean bag as high or they still might need to use two hands to receive and are not ready to receive with one.

Some Critical Questions asked during the lesson:

1.  Teacher prompt: "What is a strategy?"  Students had a hard time trying to describe this so it will become one of my 'words of the month' and we will to their understanding on an anchor chart.

2. Teacher prompt: “What made it challenging to receive a beanbag and what could be done to make this task easier?”


Friday, February 1, 2013

Invasion Unit: Living Skills Critical Thinking Questions-Grades 1-8

Using the Living Skills section at the front of each grade, I generated some critical thinking questions for students to ponder as they walk into learning area or the gym.  These questions are posted in the hallway and can be used a focus during various lessons or even a learning goal for the day/week. 

I am trying to find/try various ways to embedded opportunities for students to be aware of their learning in a variety of ways and to promote their thinking and communication skills.  SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOMED!

Building these critical questions into the phys-ed classroom continues to be a focus moving forward :)