Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Invasion Games-Intermediate: Two Stars and a Wish

"Two Stars and a Wish" or "Two Hoops and a Swish"

Grade 7 & 8: I made a list of strategies we were working on during our indoor Invasion Territory Unit. These are from the H&PE Ontario Curriculum.

I modelled the 3-4 strategies (see pictures above), specific to the grade being taught and had students evaluate me using thumbs up, side, or down when I performed each strategy.  I  demonstrated the strategies so students could 'evaluate' my strengths (stars or 'hoops') and where my areas for improvement were (wish or 'swish').  They then came up with an overall decision on what my 'wish' should be.

Now at the end of the Invasion Unit, students are deciding what their strengths are in terms of strategies and selecting at least one area they would like to improve (i.e., 'wish or swish') according to their own assessment of themselves.  For example, this unit we have provided students a wide variety of activities to practise and apply taught skills and strategies.  Some activities include scooter hockey, ultimate chicken, scoop ball, soccer, basketball, hoopster, floorball, etc.  

Next Steps:  Students will complete an exit card and critically think about their own strengths and 'wish' at the end of this unit.

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