Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Target in Small Spaces

Making Use of Our Stage (small space setting) and Setting Up Multi-Station Target Activities

1. Floor Curl
Curling on 'wheels" using Floor Curl
We purchased equipment this year to support our TGFU Target Unit!  Floor Curl is a big hit!

2. Bull's Eye:  Used floor tape to make different coloured shapes on the floor and wall.

3.  Bowling

4. Dome Slide:  Students have one bean bag and cone.  The cone is at the middle black line.  They underhand slide their bean-bag toward the dome cone and try to send it toward the black baseline.  They retrieve their bean bag each time, moving back to their start line and slide toward their dome target.  Once it crosses the opposite baseline, they start over again.

5.  Sticky Toss:  Sending velcroe ball toward a felt board (purchased from phys-ed supplier company...flaghouse example below)
6. More to come...