Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pl3ying in Dance!

We are learning to move creatively and in unique ways using DR. BEST.  

D= Dance Elements...


November 2013
Playing in Phys-ed class includes creative movement play!  Another great resource for dance at  This is my "take home" message from this Dance Co:

We are in our bubble of awesome when beginning to move and become creative with how we express our own movements through the elements of dance!!!
 We are moving to "We Found Love  (Choreo. byMelanie Guertin from Dance Pl3y) " as a warm-up....I am learning to move in 360 degree space and teaching the students how easy it can be to move creatively with just a few simple steps...then we include different ways to move 

All Classes will work through the elements of Dance (DR. BEST) but below is our specific focus:

1 : Emphasis on body and space: Connect familiar movements.
2: Emphasis on body and space:  explore pathways, directions, and shapes to alter familiar activities.
3: Explore pattern and movements forms with emphasis on time and energy

4:  Explore movement sequences and narrative forms with emphasis on time and energy
5: Communicate ideas and images through movt with emphasis on relationship.
6: Communicate variety of ideas through combined elements emphasis on body, space, time, energy, relationship (all elements).

7: Use elements in choreographic forms to communicate different moods.

8: Use elements in choreographic to communicate ideas and issues.