Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dance the "Groove Method" Way

Inspired by the GROOVE METHOD!

D.R. B.E.S.T. - Elements of Dance 

Groove Moves to Success!  Be Unique!

Dance is an area I have challenged myself to become more comfortable teaching and I found one of many strategies to make it a fun and enjoyable part of my teaching.  I had the opportunity to be in-serviced by the "Groove Method" dance instructors and I was able to take away some easy strategies to implement immediately into my classroom!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fitness - Dot Drill

Our intermediate students are beginning to coordinate the dot drill phases below! We use poly spots (5) and set them up in a 2-1-2 pattern. See mat at the Bigger Faster Stronger web site.
Dot Drill - Five Phases

Dot Drill - 5 Phases

Dot Drill #1

Dot Drill #2

Dot Drill #3

Dot Drill #4

Dot Drill #5

Once students learn the five phases, they can time how long it takes to perform the drill from phase one to phase five and with practise, they improve their cardio-respiratory endurance.  We are in the beginning stages of coordinating the movements and moving fluidly from one phase to the next.

Monday, October 22, 2012

H&PE: October 22, 2012 Words of the Week

"Word of the Day" idea from Pintrest has become "Word of the Week" in my Health & Physical Education Classroom.

***Trying to find a way to link BLM to my blog...I will keep you posted!




Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fundamental Movement Skills-Word Wall

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) WORD WALL!  When teaching, students can look at the cards and pictures and visually see how to perform the fundamental skills. 

Fundamental Movement Skills Word Wall

HPE Fundamental Movement Skills Word Wall: At Eye Level

 At the 2012 Ophea Conference I received the "Learn to Move Fundamental Movement Skills" Cards at a workshop. This resource is available as a free download (from the link above). 

There are 19 Anchor Cards for Teaching Movement Skills and Strategies

***Added larger 'word-wall signs' to the top of each anchor chart.
***Placed cards at eye level (for primary grades...we are on the stage some of the time - the stage is our playground!).
***Highlight FMS by placing a star at the word to identify the Movement Skill focus for a unit or lesson. 
***Have students decide which activity they just performed by looking at the pictures and they place the star on the appropriate skill(s).

Teaching Games for Understading Cards are included.  
***I used these cards to look at the progression of simple to complex strategies and skill development for each game category!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Net/Wall Activities and TLCP

*HPE Program Need:  Increasing critical thinking and allowing more student opportunities to speak the H&PE language using appropriate terminology in their thinking and communications; increasing student voice; allowing students to experience activities using a variety of equipment, playing a variety of games to reinforce strategies discussed.

Critical Thinking Questions for Net/Wall Games
*Critical Thinking Questions generated from Ophea's "Learn to Move - Fundamental Movement Skills" Cards (Net/Wall Card) or from Ontario H&PE Curriculum (look in specific grade under teacher prompts or living skills at the front of each grade section).
Posted in gym hallway during unit
*Can be used as exit card questions
*Allows students to be thinking about application when playing a variety of net/wall games and activities.

Net/Wall Activities-J/I Movement Competence Critical Thinking Questions

Net/Wall Activities-J/I Living Skills Critical Questions

Teaching Learning Critical Pathway for Net/Wall Activities (Junior/Intermediate)

Net/Wall-Junior TLCP

Net/Wall-Intermediate TLCP
Big Idea:
Intermediate Big IdeaHow does failure allow you to gain success over your opponent in Net/Wall Activities? 

Junior Big Idea: How can you be a good example to others when participating in new and challenging net/wall games and activities?

Learning GoalsLinked to specific grade expectations in Living Skills, Active Living and Movement Competence Strands.

Tasks: (Basic ideas for students to demonstrate their learning) 1. Video conference with students (pre-assessment) using critical thinking questions based on living skills. 2. Movement Competence skills break down (demonstration and oral). 3. Application of grade specific strategies in net/wall activities. 4. Students completed a self-evaluation (included safety and active participation for progress reports).

Bump It Up: Focus on Strategies and their application in a game situation (this is a need in our classes this year).

Evaluation: Rubric included a student self-evaluation and an exit card question at the bottom (based on our critical questions).

***What are some of your 'Big Ideas' for Health & Physical Education?***

 It would be nice to gather some HPE big ideas that can be cross-curricular and even link to what teachers are doing in literacy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Critical Thinking in H&PE

Encouraging Critical Thinking in H&PE

In our gym hallway we attached 3 dry erase boards - Active Living, Movement Competence, Healthy Living.  Questions come from the living skills section of the New Ontario H&PE Curriculum document.  When moving through a Learning Cycle, we select questions appropriate to how we want students to be thinking about their learning in terms of their living skills and hopefully making connections to themselves, others, and their world outside of the gym and health classrooms.  

I am on a mission!  I want to incorporate technology into my classroom so a simple way is to allowing students to demonstrate their learning via Video Response.  

Using a flip camera (or ipad, iphone, or other device with video recording capabilities) we recorded their responses.  We are currently 'training' students using the questions below (which connect with our True Sport ("Go For It")/Character Trait ("Courage") for the month of Sept/Oct.
  • Dollar Store White boards (actually $2 from Dollarama).
  • Dry erase Crayons (takes a little more effort for students to remove this vs. dry erase markers)
  • Velcro (attach like a bulletin board to wall using industrial velcro from Home Depot)

H&PE Critical Thinkers via Living Skills: Active Living-Movement Competence-Healthy Living

Critical Thinking in H&PE via Living Skills: Active Living White Board