Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Critical Thinking in H&PE

Encouraging Critical Thinking in H&PE

In our gym hallway we attached 3 dry erase boards - Active Living, Movement Competence, Healthy Living.  Questions come from the living skills section of the New Ontario H&PE Curriculum document.  When moving through a Learning Cycle, we select questions appropriate to how we want students to be thinking about their learning in terms of their living skills and hopefully making connections to themselves, others, and their world outside of the gym and health classrooms.  

I am on a mission!  I want to incorporate technology into my classroom so a simple way is to allowing students to demonstrate their learning via Video Response.  

Using a flip camera (or ipad, iphone, or other device with video recording capabilities) we recorded their responses.  We are currently 'training' students using the questions below (which connect with our True Sport ("Go For It")/Character Trait ("Courage") for the month of Sept/Oct.
  • Dollar Store White boards (actually $2 from Dollarama).
  • Dry erase Crayons (takes a little more effort for students to remove this vs. dry erase markers)
  • Velcro (attach like a bulletin board to wall using industrial velcro from Home Depot)

H&PE Critical Thinkers via Living Skills: Active Living-Movement Competence-Healthy Living

Critical Thinking in H&PE via Living Skills: Active Living White Board

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  1. Would love to learn more about this. What do the other boards say? Where do the students write their answers?