Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fundamental Movement Skills-Word Wall

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) WORD WALL!  When teaching, students can look at the cards and pictures and visually see how to perform the fundamental skills. 

Fundamental Movement Skills Word Wall

HPE Fundamental Movement Skills Word Wall: At Eye Level

 At the 2012 Ophea Conference I received the "Learn to Move Fundamental Movement Skills" Cards at a workshop. This resource is available as a free download (from the link above). 

There are 19 Anchor Cards for Teaching Movement Skills and Strategies

***Added larger 'word-wall signs' to the top of each anchor chart.
***Placed cards at eye level (for primary grades...we are on the stage some of the time - the stage is our playground!).
***Highlight FMS by placing a star at the word to identify the Movement Skill focus for a unit or lesson. 
***Have students decide which activity they just performed by looking at the pictures and they place the star on the appropriate skill(s).

Teaching Games for Understading Cards are included.  
***I used these cards to look at the progression of simple to complex strategies and skill development for each game category!

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  1. Hey there I love these word wall cards. I was wondering if these are no longer free? I tried to click on the link but they are no longer free :( Thanks a bunch!