Friday, October 19, 2012

Net/Wall Activities and TLCP

*HPE Program Need:  Increasing critical thinking and allowing more student opportunities to speak the H&PE language using appropriate terminology in their thinking and communications; increasing student voice; allowing students to experience activities using a variety of equipment, playing a variety of games to reinforce strategies discussed.

Critical Thinking Questions for Net/Wall Games
*Critical Thinking Questions generated from Ophea's "Learn to Move - Fundamental Movement Skills" Cards (Net/Wall Card) or from Ontario H&PE Curriculum (look in specific grade under teacher prompts or living skills at the front of each grade section).
Posted in gym hallway during unit
*Can be used as exit card questions
*Allows students to be thinking about application when playing a variety of net/wall games and activities.

Net/Wall Activities-J/I Movement Competence Critical Thinking Questions

Net/Wall Activities-J/I Living Skills Critical Questions

Teaching Learning Critical Pathway for Net/Wall Activities (Junior/Intermediate)

Net/Wall-Junior TLCP

Net/Wall-Intermediate TLCP
Big Idea:
Intermediate Big IdeaHow does failure allow you to gain success over your opponent in Net/Wall Activities? 

Junior Big Idea: How can you be a good example to others when participating in new and challenging net/wall games and activities?

Learning GoalsLinked to specific grade expectations in Living Skills, Active Living and Movement Competence Strands.

Tasks: (Basic ideas for students to demonstrate their learning) 1. Video conference with students (pre-assessment) using critical thinking questions based on living skills. 2. Movement Competence skills break down (demonstration and oral). 3. Application of grade specific strategies in net/wall activities. 4. Students completed a self-evaluation (included safety and active participation for progress reports).

Bump It Up: Focus on Strategies and their application in a game situation (this is a need in our classes this year).

Evaluation: Rubric included a student self-evaluation and an exit card question at the bottom (based on our critical questions).

***What are some of your 'Big Ideas' for Health & Physical Education?***

 It would be nice to gather some HPE big ideas that can be cross-curricular and even link to what teachers are doing in literacy!

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