Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At the Heart of HPE are LIVING SKILLS!

I just realized that the word HOPE is part of H&PE...I just changed the "&"  to a to a heart (or lower case "o" with a heart in the middle)!  

My question as a health & physical educator is how do I educate my students to build hope and confidence in themselves?  How do I create a safe and productive learning environment that builds personal and interpersonal skills that can be transferred to other curriculum areas?  How will I integrate the Living Skills on a daily basis?  Well, character building is an important part of the H&PE curriculum...we as teachers can give students HoPE in H&PE!

When we observe our students' needs we can drive our daily planning through encouraging Living Skills.  Below, I created a model of how I envision Living Skills impacting my teaching of the H&PE Curriculum and incorporating a continual cycle of planning, acting, assessing, observing and moving through this cycle of teaching with Living Skills at the heart of my planning.

Personal Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Critical Creative Thinking Skills
Living Skills Impacting HPE Curriculum and  TLCP cycle
At the heart of H&PE is Living Skills.  Every expectation in the Ontario Curriculum is connected to a Living Skill.  

How are you making Living Skills a part of your H&PE program?

Target Games and Critical Questions

Let the Target Activities Begin!

TARGET UNIT: Primary Living Skills Critical Questions connected to Movement Skills...generated directly from the Ontario Curriculum Living Skills Specific Expectations!

TARGET UNIT: Junior & Intermediate Living Skills Critical Questions connected to Movement Skills (8) and Active Living (7)...generated directly from the Ontario Curriculum Living Skills Specific Expectations!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Healthy Choices - I CAN...I WILL


Students from grade 6-8 responded to the I can - I will statement above.  This allowed them to set a healthy eating goal for our Healthy Choices unit while at the same time connecting to our True Sport focus for the month of November.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Net/Wall Game Category Defined

Teaching Games for Understanding: 

Net/Wall Game Category Defined, Strategies, and Tactics

We often used mats as 'nets' to play with a variety of equipment including:

For our Junior and Intermediate Classes, we focussed on a specific net/wall strategy and allowed student choice of equipment later in the unit, once we experimented with various boundaries, skill development (i.e., underhand serve, receiving within set boundaries in ready position - Refer to Ontario H&PE Curriculum for specific grade expectations).

Junior/Intermediate Equipment:
- Petekas (send with hand)
- Tennis ball (send with hand)
- Deck Tennis Rings
- Volleyballs
- Trainer Volleyballs
- Badminton (use of implement to send)

Primary/Junior Equipment:
- Balloons
- Beach Balls (variety of sizes)
- Bean Bags
- Tennis Balls (wall ball)
- Trainer Volleyball
- Deck Tennis Rings

What are some creative ways you played NET/WALL GAMES using a variety of equipment within your division?