Thursday, November 1, 2012

Net/Wall Game Category Defined

Teaching Games for Understanding: 

Net/Wall Game Category Defined, Strategies, and Tactics

We often used mats as 'nets' to play with a variety of equipment including:

For our Junior and Intermediate Classes, we focussed on a specific net/wall strategy and allowed student choice of equipment later in the unit, once we experimented with various boundaries, skill development (i.e., underhand serve, receiving within set boundaries in ready position - Refer to Ontario H&PE Curriculum for specific grade expectations).

Junior/Intermediate Equipment:
- Petekas (send with hand)
- Tennis ball (send with hand)
- Deck Tennis Rings
- Volleyballs
- Trainer Volleyballs
- Badminton (use of implement to send)

Primary/Junior Equipment:
- Balloons
- Beach Balls (variety of sizes)
- Bean Bags
- Tennis Balls (wall ball)
- Trainer Volleyball
- Deck Tennis Rings

What are some creative ways you played NET/WALL GAMES using a variety of equipment within your division?

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