Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pyramid-Bean Bag Self Evaluation

Using the Grade 1 Ophea Unit,  "Moving Objects in Space", students were finding ways to successfully catch their bean bags.  We worked through different individual throw and catch challenges and reviewed how to successfully receive their equipment".  Student were told they were to self-assess their safe and active participation using the pyramid chart and their own bean bag.  We reviewed how to be safe when moving with their own object and we talked about how to persist when a challenge gets tough.  The most important aspect is to allow student to find their own success.  That might mean they don't throw their bean bag as high or they still might need to use two hands to receive and are not ready to receive with one.

Some Critical Questions asked during the lesson:

1.  Teacher prompt: "What is a strategy?"  Students had a hard time trying to describe this so it will become one of my 'words of the month' and we will to their understanding on an anchor chart.

2. Teacher prompt: “What made it challenging to receive a beanbag and what could be done to make this task easier?”


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