Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beep Test

As part of our Junior/Middle school Personal Fitness Performance Appraisal, the Beep Test is one of many cardio-respiratory endurance activities I have students perform to set personal goals to improve personal fitness throughout the year.

The Run For Life Website has a video demonstrating the 20 metre shuttle run and also has the audio for running the beep test in the link below:

"The Beep Test is used throughout the world to evaluate aerobic fitness.  Participants must run 20 metres back and forth resting between sounds from the audio.  The test is over when the participants can no longer keep up to the pace of the beep."

Differentiation:  In September I have students to select running the beep test from a 10m, 15m, or 20 m line.  After their initial beep test, they can then set a goal to stay at the selected distance, move up or down.  They can then feel their own personal success at the desired LEVEL / SHUTTLE and can also set a level/shuttle goal.

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