Friday, September 20, 2013

"T.A.G. You're It" Peer Assessment

Another way to encourage students to be accountable in H&PE through peer assessment.

Junior and Intermediate Lawfield students found a partner to work with at the start of class.  We introduced a variety of activities that promoted small group (pairs) work.  We also introduced some Physical Literacy Charts from Thompson publishing and discussed how to give feedback when viewing their partner performing the Perfect Practise: Learn to play charts

T.A.G. You're It Peer Assessment Anchor Chart
***Found this amazing idea on Pinterest and can be found at "Classroom Freebies Too"

I adapted the wording to work in Health and Physical Education!  Fun way to get them thinking!!!

F56 Peer Evaluations

T.A.G. EXIT CARDS: Students will eventually fill out an Exit Card: Self Evaluation (see below for BLM).
T.A.G. You're It:  Self Evaluation