Thursday, September 19, 2013

Merritt Bucks! Celebrating Living Skills and Character Ed. in Phys-Ed

Students in Ms. Merritt's Phys-Ed classes are earning Merritt Bucks for demonstrating the character trait of the month, promoting positive Living Skills (see below), and/or demonstrating positive learning connected to the daily learning goal.

I will update each month, the character trait and Living Skill we are focusing on!

(Purchased "Sport Money"from TPT from Michelle McElhinny then made my own back that says "Merritt Buck $1)
September Character Trait:  Responsibility

Living Sills in Health and Physical Education: 

Personal Skills:  Some daily learning goals are...
  • We are learning to listen to and follow instructions (classroom routines).  
  • We are learning to participate actively.
  • We are learning to monitor how hard we are working.
  • We are learning to change into proper gym attire (Gr. 5-8).
Interpersonal Skills:
  • We are learning to work cooperatively in small groups.
  • We are learning to encourage others in a positive way.
Critical-Creative Thinking Skills:

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