Monday, May 13, 2013

"You Can...I Will" Character Cards - True Sport & Living Skills

Building character in today's schools can be nurtured in every classroom including Health & Physical Education.  Inspired from an idea on Pinterest, I created 16 "You Can...I Will" Character Cards.  The character cards are based on the monthly character assemblies at my school as well as paring each character trait with True Sports: Principles for Sport and Communities.

Double side each "You Can...I Will" Character Card.  Cut along the dotted line to create 'tabs'.  It will look like notices that are put up onto mailboxes.  These cards have been created for student use individually and in group discussions.  

The cards allow for student reflection and critical thinking about the 16 Character Cards.

More "leadership" and character education ideas on my Pinterest HPE School Leadership Board.

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