Thursday, May 2, 2013

Striking-Field TLCP: Intermediate

The TLCP outline for this unit was created with the needs of the students in mind at my school.  A big concern is the fact that students are still becoming accustomed with playing games and activities according to the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) model.  The intermediate students still have a 'sport specific' mentality.  During this unit they were exposed to a variety of games...Change takes time for all of us :)

Gr. 7: How do we safely and fairly devise and experiment with different strategies for better results in game situations?

Gr.8: How do we encourage others to participate safely and fairly in physical activities while experimenting with different rules?

We are learning to understand the components of striking and fielding activities and apply sending and receiving skills and strategies while safely participating in games, while including others.
Striking-Fielding TLCP  (Daily Learning Targets are Listed in the Middle)
  1.  We are learning to follow and enforce proper safety guidelines to keep me and others safe.
  2. We are learning to make changes to games to include others and make it enjoyable.
  3. We are learning to strike a ball and shift my weight as I contact the ball and follow through in the intended direction to send it between or over opposing players.
  4. We are learning to hit or kick in different ways, varying the distance the object is sent, so that it wall be more difficult for opponents to field and return the object.
  5. We are learning to understand the basic game structures, rules, and guidelines of striking and fielding games.
  6. We are learning to apply the skills and strategies in striking and fielding games.
Learning Target #3: Movement Competence Striking Success Criteria (Generated by the students)
Use Ophea Resource from Gr.7 Striking-Fielding Lesson
Rubric generated using Learning Targets


You will participate in modified games of Striking and Fielding.  As you participate you will apply/demonstrate strategies and skills taught during the unit and demonstrate your safe and fair play.  As a team you will change up one rule from the original game of baseball and decide what strategies (offensively as the batter/base runner; defensively as the fielder).

Communication/Thinking & Inquiry:
·       You will complete an exit card to communicate your safe participation how you participated safely during striking/fielding games.
·       You will also complete a rule change and a strategy that you could working on connecting to the rule change you selected.

·       On your exit card, you will explain your knowledge and understanding of the basic rules or components of striking and fielding games. 
Striking-Fielding Exit Card with Rubric Attached: Students

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