Friday, June 14, 2013

Primary Self-Evaluation Exit Cards

Let's make our students' learning visible!  If your learning goal for the day is to participate at a moderate to vigorous level, have students tell you what active participation looks and sounds like.

Daily Learning Goal:  We are learning to be active participants.
Success Criteria: (Grade 1's came up with these)
I can hear my self breathing.
I can feel hot.
I can see sweat.
I can make my feet move.
I can feel my heart beating faster.
I can move around the space safe.

Have students select the levelled paper they thought they were for that day. They fill out this exit card by putting their name at the top and draw a picture of what they did well according to the success criteria (using pictures and words).

Daily Learning GoalsWhat do each of these look like in your class on a daily basis (based on your Unit Learning Goal)? 

 Allow students to co-construct SUCCESS CRITERIA.


  1. Do you have a template of the exit card that you use? :)

  2. Yes,
    Email me at and I can send you it!