Sunday, September 9, 2012

Noodle Discs and Ophea 50 Fitness Activities

POOL NOODLES are not just a swimming toy!  They can be used in a variety of ways.  CIRA has a resource called "Oodles of Noodles".   (see picture below). 

I combined the noodles with the 50 Fitness Activities (which I developed through my board HWDSB, as a special assignment teacher for Daily Physical Activity...then helped edit, modify the 50 Fitness Activities with Ophea).  

***Ophea 50 Fitness Activity Cards  are core on the spot fitness activities that can be incorporated into any existing activity or DPA program, or used on their own.  The cards can be purchased at the link above.

·         Pool Noodles
·         Hand Saw
·         Plastic Grocery Store bags (or other) to place 50 noodle discs into)
·         Permanent Marker (preferably black)

1.     POOL NOODLES: Purchase 4 different coloured pool noodles (total number of noodles to purchase is approximately = 1 noodle per teacher).  Example colours: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green).

2.     CUT NOODLES INTO DISCS: Using a saw, cut pool noodles into discs – approximately 3 to 4 cm width or 1 inch.  Each pool noodle can yield approximately 60 noodle discs.

3.     AMOUNT: 50 disc pieces per bag (12 pink, 12 purple, 12 yellow, 12 green, PLUS 2 from any bag).

4.     NUMBER DISCS 1 TO 50:  Use permanent marker (sharpies work best) to write the numbers 1 to 50 onto the noodle disc pieces. 
I took mailing labels and created fitness activities (included a picture of the fitness activity for primary students).
a.     You can then use the “50 Fitness Activities ON-THE-SPOT Chart”. 
b.    Reminder: Underline the 6 and 9
c.     Hint:  Make your ‘ones’ look lie a ‘typed’ one = 1.

5.     ALPHABET:  On the opposite side of the disc, use permanent marker to write individual alphabet letters. Underline each letter.  Start by using one whole colour at a time.  For example,
·       12 Pink discs = A – L
·         13 Purple discs = M – X, YZ (YZ on same disc)
·         12 Yellow = A – L
·         13 Green discs = M – X, YZ (YZ on same disc)
NOW you have two sets of the alphabet (Pink-Purple Set & Yellow-Green Set)

a.     50 Fitness Activities Chart
b.    A-B-C Fitness / 1-2-3 Fitness
c.     Hot Potato
d.    Noodle over, Noodle Under
e.     Coloured Action Dice
f.     Active Robin’s Nest (uses 50 Fitness Activities Chart)
g.    Noodle Scoop

7.     ALTERNATIVE TO NOODLE DISCS:  50 of the following - Easter Eggs, Styrofoam Balls, Tennis Balls etc.

Sample Activity Idea #1:
Noodle discs – Main Activity
mini hot potato
SUGGESTED LOCATION: Classroom, Gymnasium
·         Noodle Discs (yellow, purple, green, pink) – One disc per student
·         Chart Paper with Activities listed beside each ‘colour’
·         CD Player and music
·         Safety Sweep!
1.     Handout one noodle disc per student.
2.     Demonstrate and/or review each activity listed beside each coloured Noodle Disc:
3.     Have students move about the space (i.e., skip, hop, scissor hop, high knees, etc.).  As they move about the space, instruct students to exchange their noodle discs while the music is playing.  They should exchange with other students who have a different colour and do so every 3 to 5 seconds.
4.     When the music stops, students should perform the activity that matches the colour noodle in their hand at that time. 
5.     Students should continue to perform the designated activity until the music starts up again.
6.     Each time students start to move about the space, change up the locomotion pattern.

1.     Allow students to fill in their choice of activities beside each colour of noodle.
Cindy Merritt, HWDSB

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