Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yoga Tag - Angry Birds (YOGA) Tag

We have taught our students two different sets of  'standing' yoga poses using the Thompson Publishing Chart "Yoga 1: Begin to Explore" Physical Literacy Cards.  We have then adapted a variety of games where students have to freeze in a choice of yoga poses.

Yoga Tag.  Select 3-4 "its".  If tagged by an it, students selected 1 of 4 yoga poses below, and froze in this position.  They are freed by 1 student mirroring their pose for a "3, 2, 1 done" count and both re-entered the game.

Angry Birds  (YOGA) Tag:  

  • Cut up pool noodles in to discs (or use another soft object) and hand TWO out to each student (see picture below).  I called the noodles "rocks" as Angry Birds 'crash' into rocks. 
  • Select 4 Yoga Poses (above) and attach one coloured noodle to each (I used pink, yellow, purple, green noodles).  
  • Select 3-4 "Angry Birds" to be the "its".  
  • If tagged by an angry bird, students explode ONE "rock" (coloured noodle) into the air.  They still have one "life left".
  • If tagged by an Angry Bird a second time,  the tagged person freezes in designated Yoga Pose (according to the colour they exploded into the air).  
  • They can be freed by non-its  picking up an exploded 'rocks' .
  • (Could call non-its the "green piggies")